Rai [Archives:2003/642/Press Review]

June 19 2003

10 June 2003
Main headlines:
– RAY party expresses concern over emptying the presidential decree of its content
– Mr al-Jifri: The last chance for change and comprehensive reforms accepts no manoeuvre
– Journalists Union demands security protection for the members came under threat
– Saudi-Yemeni agreement on fighting weapons smuggling
– Arab national conference to be held in Sana'a
– More than a hundred killed in Mauritanian coup

Columnist Hamdi Doubala says in his article that Bajammal government appeared last week before the parliament and in its bag a program of its work for the coming period. Its program included many ambitious tasks and plans and programs as its responsibility to implement. Though this program seems to be ambitious, particularly regarding improvement of the living conditions, fighting corruption and poverty, fears are doubling in us the simple people about the change of all these programs into void slogans and speeches resembling the gigantic achievements we always read or hear in official media especially in elections seasons. We fear that the war on corruption in the government program would change into a legitimate cover under which the corrupt would hide and take it a pretext for carrying out more practices that are basically the core of corruption