Rai [Archives:2003/650/Press Review]

July 14 2003

8 July 2003
Main headlines:
– Yemeni-Saudi coordination council: seven agreements and pledge of joint fighting against terror
– Jaralla al-Sa'wani wishes he were a nuclear bomb
– Six million dollars for the development of Socotra
– Jordan dismantles a fundamentalist network and arrests its members

Columnist Faisal Sultan al-Soufi says the Americans are still talking about Iraq that is going to be the example for the region in democracy and the modern state. Even with resistance operations and killing the American soldiers everyday they try to assure the world that Iraq is in good situation and under control. They claim that the resistance is just pockets from remnants of the former regime and the Arab volunteers who rushed to defend Saddam.
We think that the Americans comment that the resistance is merely a final attempt of the desperate implies much silliness and stupidity, if those comments were their real interpretation of the resistance acts, forgetting that a nation without a political authority would inevitably have to seek to establish one. The resistance would be stepped up the more feeling of the need for an authority and institutions for organizing relations, protecting rights and achieving the society's interest's increases. National resistance becomes a duty and a national necessity in an Arab country governed by Bremer, due to the imbedded hatred towards the foreigner even if came as conqueror and liberator. Maybe the Iraqis would not have been able to get rid of the dictator regime but with this American way which makes us disdain all the regimes that do not allow their peoples to remove them unless they were trodden with invaders feet, as is the case with the former Iraqi regime that lost itself and caused to add another Arab land to the register of colonialism.