Rai [Archives:2003/656/Press Review]

August 4 2003

29 July 2003
Main headlines:
– RAY official source: The League does not receive any financial support from the estate
– Tunisian president Bin Ali announces his running the coming presidential elections
– ''Yemenia'' flights back to Kuwait after 13 years boycott

Columnist Faisal Sultan al-Soufi says in an article that a decision was taken last year stipulating that the year 2003 must be a national year for illiteracy eradication. And according to an agreement between the government and the Islamic Bank for Development he school year 2002-2003 is the year specified for eradicating 20 per cent of illiteracy among the population of the capital and the governorate of Shabwa. The agreement says the bank funds two campaigns for illiteracy eradication and adult teaching in the capital and Sahabwa and the government has to invest the funding for the realization of the goal. The government has failed to make the year 2003 a date for illiteracy eradication and to implement what it should for investing the Islamic bank funds for the project of illiteracy but the government can do bigger than that as it can instead make the illiterate and semi-illiterate as wise men charged with illiteracy eradication. To sum it up, illiteracy is the required thing for this society so that the government can do whatever it wants and the illiterate are the ones who must be at the forefront in order that the government could continue in power.