Rai [Archives:2003/664/Press Review]

September 1 2003

26 August 2003
Main headlines:
– Al al-Zaidi and the state, blocked road
– Citizens appeal to the president for stopping aggression on their land properties
– The issue of Jarallah Omer on the internet
In an article columnist Khalid al-Harwachi says the journalists are nowadays discussing the status of their union and deliberating the suitable stand that should be taken towards its council that has no longer been legal as the date fixed for holding a meeting for the union's general assembly to elect a new council as the present one ended its legal period six months ago. These awakenings of the journalists though it has come rather late but it renews activity that has been idle throughout the past four years. The journalists have in that time forgotten that they have a syndicate because particularly its council forgets about its members and would not remember them but in denunciation and condemnation statements when journalists are exposed to insults and humiliation. Throughout he past four years the syndicate has many droopy stands to an extent hindering the journalists from attaining their legal rights, the most important of which is that of their wages bill which two years before was about to be approved, had it not been for the syndicate's interference that halted the sit-ins staged by the journalists. Despite of all that I do not blame the syndicate and hold it responsible because we the journalists are to blame due to our weakness and negligence of our legal rights, whether the unionist rights or the material and moral rights.