Rai [Archives:2003/670/Press Review]

September 22 2003

16 Sept. 2003
Main headlines:
– Yemeni call for civilizing the combat of terror
– 12 Egyptian police officers referred to justice
– Yemeni journalists join training course on using the internet
Columnist Mahdi Othman al-Masfari says in his article that the Yemeni society has grown up on agriculture and with it grew the need for agriculture. Thus agriculture has always been associated with the Yemeni society or the Yemeni society has been linked to agriculture. The writer says our vision that oil and gas is the economic alternative to agriculture is an ignorant one because oil and gas do not last forever and Yemen society would find other than its need for agriculture. Continued negligence of agriculture would certainly badly affect the modern dam of Mareb in a space of some years. On the other hand that our historical ruins we would discover could not be an alternative to agriculture. Tourism is an important economic factor but would not cover the needs of then population who are increasing every year. The wheat e import is a contribution to the war on our wheat and importing food stuffs from abroad would decrease the food stuffs we produce from our agriculture.