Rai [Archives:2003/684/Press Review]

November 9 2003

4 Nov.2003
Main headlines:
– Cancer threatens the poor in Yemen
– Helicopter operation in Iraq and the political impasse in Washington
– UNESCO warns against gender discrimination in education in Yemen
-Expired goods, greed exploiting fasting people
– Hezbollah determined to liberate Shaba'a area
– Women participate in coming GCC summit
– Iraq's neighbouring countries support Iraqi people choices

The newspaper editorial tackles indications of America's interest in Yemen saying the international establishment for electoral systems announcement of holding its regional centre in Yemen, the NDI choice of Sana'a a venue for holding its regional symposium, visit of the director of the American agency for development to Yemen and the expected visit to Yemen by delegation from the program on development of democracy, affiliate of the American State Department, are all evident indicators the special political movement of the American-Yemeni relations.
The American interest and attention towards Yemen is not a surprise. Yemen being an axial point in the agenda of Washington on the future of the region is not this moment discovery. The new thing is a new opportunity open for us to effect the self administration of the inevitable operation of change that has been accomplished by self will. This comes from a comprehension of the harmony between national demands for comprehensive reforms and international requirements where such reforms occupy the first place.