Rai [Archives:2003/698/Press Review]

December 29 2003

23 Dec. 2003
Main headlines:
– Oxfam representative: The Yemeni government has to bear its responsibility
– Half million orphans, diseases, unemployment, life without parents

Columnist Nabil al-Aseedi sys in an article it is expected that a number of talented expatriate Yemenis would take part in activities of Sana'a capital of Arab culture 2004 in various areas of art and creativities. Sources at the ministry of expatriates confirmed that the ministry began in coordination with the ministry culture and tourism to enable the Yemeni expatriates to present their cultural and arts works as participation in activities of Sana'a capital of Arab culture. The ministry is currently holding contacts with Yemeni expatriates all over the world to ensure their participation in these activities. On the other hand the Yemeni authority for tourist development has inaugurated on the first of December a tourist survey in the mountain range in the governorate of Taiz aimed at determining and registering the tourist sites in those areas. It is also expected that during the coming period there would be some studies and designs of a number of sites specified for investment in various parts of Yemen and on shores of the Red Sea.