Rai [Archives:2004/700/Press Review]

January 5 2004

30 Dec. 2003.
Main headlines
– Political parties in winter hibernation
– Sana'a, capital of poverty
– Expatriate blackmailed in Ibb

Columnist Nabil al-Aseedi writes that the unexpected rise in prices of some consumer goods has aroused anger of majority of the Yemeni people especially the poor, those of limited income and government employees. The citizens wondered about the reasons behind the rise in prices particularly that they are suffering from high expenses of living and the increase of prices is reminder of the price doses the government has been used to implement since the nineties decade and which have received great rejection and opposition from the citizens who took to the streets in massive demonstrations in the main cities of Yemen. Price rises mainly included the flour and corn the basic commodities the people of Yemen depend on and then the rise moved to other goods which raged the anger of the people.
In this context the parliament has entrusted the question of the rise in prices of some consumer goods with its trade and industry committee to study with the concerned bodies of the government and to present its report within a week space of time. As for the citizen who began buying additional quantities of flour and corn for fear of new price rises, has lost hope in that the ministry of industry and trade would find a solution for this problem because he has heard many promises from the government every time there was a rise in prices.