Rai [Archives:2004/704/Press Review]

January 19 2004

13 Jan 2004
Columnist Khalid al-Harwaji says in his article the regional conference for democracy and human rights that was concluded in Sana'a on Monday 12 January, was not the only forum that demanded for those human values and the emphasis on the necessity of practicing them. But he only thing is that this conference there was no one objecting its intentions and goals.
More than 660 participants have over two days talked about principles of democracy, freedom, justice and equality, confirming they are the only way of survival for regimes and peoples. The strange thing was that even the most dictatorial regimes were among the most admirers of democracy and demanding for safeguarding democracy and public freedoms.
As for the real application of those humanitarian values and noble activities it is still far-fetched because they are still inapplicable in the viewpoints of the ruling regimes. Simply, democracy and human rights in our region and the third world countries are still slogans repeated by the regimes whenever it is needed and would remain like that.