Rai [Archives:2004/722/Press Review]

March 22 2004

16 March 2004
Main headlines
– 170 Arab leading personalities call for urgent political reforms
– Chairman of the Chambers of Commerce:
– Recession of national economy and growing rates of poverty and unemployment
– France calls for European meetings to discuss terror
– Exchanged accusations between Iran and the international agency of energy
Columnist Khalid al-Harawachi says it has become certain that the government of Bajammal has determined to launch its latest dose and the whole question is of time that may not exceed a few days. The government was rather in a hurry but it has preferred to give the people a space of time to get prepared psychologically while it preparing justifications and lies the task of which would be entrusted to official media for promoting them. It is not only that for the government is getting ready in terms of security to face any one thinking of voicing his protest of refusal of he government policies and decisions. It is well-known that the program the government had begun since 1995 under the so-called program of economic and administrative reform, was not implemented but the article concerning price rises o basic goods and services and for the reforms concerning the government they have been disregarded by the successive governments.