Rai [Archives:2004/726/Press Review]

April 5 2004

30 Mar 2004
Main headlines
– Postponement of Tunis summit disappointed the Arabs and increased division and differences
– The Woman Forum breaks silence
Columnist Faisal al-Soufi says n his article the process of reform in the Arab world is demanded and necessary. The reforms are wanted regardless of who are demanding the regimes; peoples and domestic forces or foreign forces. Those who are demanding the Arab regimes to effect internal reforms do not go beyond from providing the opportunity of participation, equality and recognition of the principles of freedom and the people's rights to elects their rulers and their right to improve their situations and opening horizons for the poor to change their situations that have been as they are for hundreds of years.
These are very ordinary demands and the Arab regimes should feel ashamed that they have not allowed the achievement of these demands fifty years before.
The Arab regimes are demanded to realize freedom, justice, equality and human rights that no individuals, organizations and religions differ about. They refuse reform and frighten America that if it puts pressure on them that would result in enabling and strengthening the psalmists. They tell America that if they carried out reforms and allowed even one of he rights as that of elections the extremist psalmists would attain power at least in half of the Arab countries.