Rai [Archives:2004/728/Press Review]

April 12 2004

6 Apr 2004
Main headlines
– Tourism in search for who to lead it on the right course
– Arab pressures on Arafat
– Two political symposiums in Ibb and Lahj
– 6 presidential candidates compete for winning 18 million Algerian votes
Columnist Mahdi Uthman al-Masfri discusses in his column the problem of vengeance saying that the solving the issues of revenge is dependent on knowing the issues and causes that pushed for the occurrence of vengeance and the authorities did not pay attention to them in their early stages. The vengeance fighting is no longer between one tribe and another but extended to be in the same family and developed to include al Yemen. The work for ending the continuous revenges equals the work for reducing the issues of vengeance.
The writer maintains that the many causes of vengeance issues cannot be included all in this regard but he offers some axioms that must be taken into consideration for solving those issues.
– There should be an election of the judicial power it is very significant in attaining the Yemeni civil society and installation of justice.
– The election of governors freely and directly and the candidate for this post should be known by his honesty, reasonability, courage and understanding of the issues of vengeance and all problems of his governorate.
– Officials of security and political security have to be aware of their responsibilities and issues of their society and efficient specialists and characterized by constructive personality.
– The appeal judge has to be capable in his specialty and work as well as efficient and sincere and just.
– The governor, head of the general security, head of the political security, the appeals judge, responsible personalities, sheikhs, parliamentarians, the local council are he one who should be responsible for solving the issues of vengeance and revenge itself.