Rai [Archives:2004/757/Press Review]

July 22 2004

13 July 2004
Main headlines
– Human Rights minister al-Sousawa remarks on official comments on human rights in Yemen
– Information ministry issues a new newspaper bearing the name of “Al-Shoura”
– Official reports mention about 3500 children smuggled to neighbouring countries

Columnist Faisal Sultan al-Soufi says in his article the talk on human rights in Islam is going on strongly but there are well-reputed intellectuals refusing categorically to recognize the human rights mentioned in international agreements and also in the name of Islam. One of them Mr Mahmoud Sultan says the Islamic stance from the world declaration of human rights does not tolerate hesitation because the reference of the declaration is the western culture, claiming that the Islamic thinkers trying to find concord between principles of human rights in the international law and the Islamic texts in this regard are playing a role more dangerous on Islam than the secularists.
As for the Islamic thinkers, the source of their danger stems from their role in speaking in the name of Islam. One of them recorded in one of his books a condemnation of all that is related to human rights and refusal of the principle of the people as the source of human rights and named elections and parliaments as blasphemous councils.
The writer adds that organisations working in the area of human rights in the Arab and Islamic countries are secular and intelligence organisations funded by foreign ministries in Europe and America and supported by churches. Human rights are secular and the evidence is that those organisations sum up the human rights to those of the leftists, communists, seculars and non-Muslim minorities in the Islamic countries, utilizing thought and art for promoting blasphemy, and permissiveness. Women and human rights are security embodiment of western secular thought.