RAY: Sanaa weekly, 16-6-98 [Archives:1998/25/Press Review]

June 22 1998

(League of the Sons of Yemen – RAY)
Main Headline:
1- Sanaa has lion’s share in 105 kidnap incidents and 225 bomb explosions reported in the country since 1992.
2- Exiled RAY leader, Abdulrahman Al-Jifri: “Our major concern is to end the vicious cycles of violence.”
3- Number of victims in Hawta market bomb explosion on Saturday, 13 June, rises to 6; while, 21 were injured. A soldier accidentally pulled out his grenade’s safety pin while reaching to take out some money from under his belt.
4- Yemen and Japan disagree on the actual amount of debt to be rescheduled. The Japanese government says it is $18 million; while Yemen says it is $41 million.
5- Ministry of Foreign Affairs denies siding with Ethiopia in its conflict with Eritrea.
6- Yemenia Airlines is to lay off 400 employees.
7- More than 500,000 African refugees reside in Yemen, legally and illegally.
Article Summary:
Aggression on Basateen Inhabitants
The chief of security in Aden has issued orders to investigate allegations made against an officer in the security apparatus. A woman claimed that captain Mohammed Alawi, deputy Director of Al-Basateen police stations, came with his soldiers to force her and her family out of their house.
Other residents in the area also claimed that Cpt. Alawi often comes with soldiers in the middle of the night to frighten and abuse the people in attempt to force them out of the homes. Accusations were made by the people against an ‘investor’ who is trying to take over the people’s property in collusion with some security officers.