RAY: Sanaa weekly, 21-7-98. [Archives:1998/30/Press Review]

July 27 1998

(League of the Sons of Yemen – RAY)
Main Headline:
1- RAY and the Independent Social Congregation are to organize a mass rally in Zanzibar to protest the government’s decision to raise prices.
2- Sewerage contaminates drinking water in the Hayil quarter, Sanaa. Waste matter was mistakenly pumped into the water supply network.
3- Foreign Minister, Ba-Jammal visits Saudi Arabia in an effort to resolve the recent crisis.
4- Armed clashes between two groups of extremists over the control of the Athrab mosque in Sanaa leave 2 dead and several people injured.
5- 5 people get injured in armed clashes between seminary students and a security force overseeing the demolishing of part of the Badar Center & mosque in which they study in Sanaa.
6- 80% of Yemeni doctors live on subsistence level!
Article Summary:
Journalists Whipping
The Sanaa Court of Appeal, presided over by judge Mohammed Al-Wadi’i, has returned the documents of the case, in which two Shourah journalists were sentenced to 80-lashes, to the general prosecutor’s office. Abdul-Jabbar Saad and Abdullah Saad were sentenced to be flogged for ‘slandering’ the prominent Islah leader, Sheikh Abdul-Majid Al-Zindani.
In effect, judge Al-Wadi’i has refused the journalists appeal. The prosecutor is authorized to refer the case to the Supreme Court.