RAY: Sanaa weekly, 22-9-98. [Archives:1998/39/Press Review]

September 28 1998

(League of the Sons of Yemen)
Main Headline:
1- Around 3,000 barrels of oil are wasted daily because of several holes made into the oil pipeline by angry tribesmen.
2- More than 4,000 Yemeni passports were lost during the 1994 war and are now in non-Yemeni hands, disclosed the Minister of the Interior.
3- Lower and Upper Awaliq tribes settle their dispute by the exchange of millions of riyals as blood money and personal compensations.
4- Three new bomb blasts in Shabwa and Dhali’ cause extensive material damage.
5- A large-scale campaign of police search takes place in Sanaa following a bomb explosion near the Ministry of the Interior building.
Article Summary:
Fish Wealth Unprotected
The Minister of Fisheries has admitted that Yemen’s territorial waters (totaling 1.5 million sq.km) are without protection. The state does not have any means of monitoring the vast stretch of Yemeni beaches and territorial waters extending beyond, he disclosed in a question session by the Consultative Council.
Although Yemen has the potential to produce 380,000 tons of fish every year, only 120,000 are produced with a return of YR 850 million. Lack of protection, however, has allowed foreign ships to fish illegally in Yemen’s waters, greatly depleting the country’s fish reserves and damaging the natural habitat for marine life.