Re: Zionism is anti-Semitism [Archives:2004/770/Letters to the Editor]

September 6 2004

Ben Forman
The article entitled “Zionism is anti-Semitism” is a very interesting article and well written. It explores issues that as a British Jew I have discussed with friends/family on many occasions, particularly the double edged sword of whether Israel is a defender of all Jews or just those that live in Israel. I suppose as with most things, it depends whether you agree with the policies of the government as to whether you believe they are defenders of all Jews or not, and in what situation a non Israeli Jew needs defending. One thing that is for sure is that for the general public, the argument is often too black and white, with all Jews/Israelis/Zionists unfortunately lumped together with Ariel Sharon.
I do think that Zionism, as the wish for the Jewish people to control their own destiny and nation, is as valid a political movement as any of the Arab nationalist movements (including the Palestinian!) the problem arises when religious groups hijack a political cause as religious fundamentalists of all creeds are rarely willing to compromise.
I am not a particularly religious but I was in synagogue last Saturday reading a modern English torah translation and was interested to read that the holy land was promised to the descendants of Abraham. Over the next few verses all the descendents of Abraham are listed – and they include all the Semitic tribes. Thanks for an excellent article.