Real education comes after marriage [Archives:2008/1197/Community]

October 9 2008

Mubeen Esam
[email protected]

To marry either an educated or uneducated woman is a big argument among men because every man wants to marry a woman who can be easily controlled by him, not one who can be a second half in his life forever.

I'm not against a man who wants to marry an uneducated woman, but I advise him to help her to be educated in order to form an educated family and produce brilliant sons and daughters. That is dependent on the husband being educated.

If both husband and wife are uneducated, they should help each other to be educated to ensure their good life in these fast days of technology and ideas.

I don't mean education just as studies in primary schools, high schools or universities, but also as mind-opening knowledge acquired from books, magazines, websites and surroundings after marriage.

In addition, I'm not against a man who wants to marry an educated woman because it's good behavior. But what will you do if this woman is not able to manage housework? Is her education useful then? Will you be happy with her? I think the only answer here is: no.

If a divorce follows, neighbors and relatives will say, “What happened to them? They are educated