Rebuttal to “Somalia must remain two” [Archives:2005/813/Letters to the Editor]

February 3 2005

Yasmiin Abdi
[email protected]

I read a letter titled “Somalia Must remain two,” here at the Yemen Times online.

It is very disturbing to see such a baseless and blatant lie published on a prestigious place like the Yemen Times Letters section.

Mr. Jamal Yusuf, a secessionist wrote that the People of Lascanod did not live in that area during the colonial times. Maybe Mr. Yusuf has no knowledge of Somalia's history, if he did he would have know that: The people of Lascanod, Buhodle and Eastern Erigavo or regions know as SSC, they lived that area all their lives, not only did they lived there but they were the fighter know as the Dervish movement and lost thousands and thousands of men, women and children defending Somalia from the brutal Imperial British colonial. They refused the British to take hold of their country and they wage a war that dragged over two decades, 21 years to be exact. They were the first people in Africa that were ever attacked by plane.

The second argument which says: this area was always part of British Somaliland. The Northern Daroods who live in the regions known as Sool, Sanaag and Ceyn never signed agreement with Britannia to annex Northern Somalia from the rest of Somalia and when they received their independence from the colonial they went back to the way Somalia was. Somalia has always been and will be one.

Somali Unity is non-negotiable. The people of Sool, Sanaag and Cayn chose to remain with the rest of Somalia, and no one can force them to do otherwise. Everyone knows who started this war; it is started by the secessionist/ Somalilander who wants to force the will of the people of SSC and force the people of SSC to take a name they fought not to be call for over a century ago, Somaliland is a name given by their former enemy Britannia. If the secessionists don't want to be part of Somalia that is their prerogative, the door is open for them.

Let them find a country that recognizes three cities, Hargeysa, Burco and Berbera as a country. But kindly, they should refrain from claiming or clinging to lands that never belong to them.

That is how wars start, when one becomes greedy and decided to take other's Possession.