ReflectionsAttack Arabs at weakest pointIsrael’s clever request [Archives:2005/812/Opinion]

January 31 2005

By Yahya Al-Olfi
[email protected]

I was extremely amused by looking at a picture published in the Kuwaiti Newspaper “Al-Arabi” showing a small number of Israelis distributing leaflets calling for Arab Regimes Change. The Israelis could not have done better! They wanted to maintain portraying Arabs as uncultivated and primitive, because this stereotype is dwindling, they knew our leaders' weakest point.

The lack of freedom in Arab countries and the non-existence of real democracy, for domestic Arab newspapers cannot speak the truth or criticize the recurrent daily excesses. All this makes us understand why corruption instead of being battered and beaten is simply praised and poems are written about it.

Therefore, any Arab investor in the media cannot succeed if he does not praise day and night, or else his newspaper shall be closed down under many pretexts. Such an investor can today seize the moment and adopt the golden advice which is already known to many but unnecessarily ignored.

This advice can also serve Arabs who do possess moneys and are perplexed in how and where to invest them. I tell them just look at the Arab clever journalists who have become filthy rich all of a sudden not in practicing genuine journalism but in exploiting the profession in order to gain and accumulate huge amounts in hard currencies.

Everybody knows that all Arabs are being ruled tyrannically and this is why the Israelis were so clever and malicious, by starting a barely small gesture represented in a small pulpit in front of the recent Berlin Arab Book Fare where they distributed leaflets calling for Arab Regimes Change.

As if they wanted to say look how weak and vulnerable you are! Some Arabs like Israel knew the weak point of Arab Regimes and how they can get Arab leaders. Thus, some of them established newspapers / TV stations , magazines and started publishing a bit of the endless scandals of Arab leaders and as Arab leaders cannot close down those newspapers because of the real democracy in places such as London and Paris, the profit is guaranteed.

Indeed, within less than a week or so, the owner would be unavoidably approached by the relevant embassy in order to strike a deal regarding how much that embassy has to pay for the paper to stop publishing their dirty infamies, and may in certain instances request attacking another Arab leader or country.

Such investors are mostly based in London and Paris and easily without much fuss and mess reap millions. In like manner, Arab writers in their own countries are not free to say what they want so some of them opted to stay abroad where they can express themselves freely. Unfortunately, most of them are now known to receive regular payments in order to keep their mouths shut and in order to praise the non-existent achievements or receive hush prizes under the pretext of merited innovation.

So it is very easy to know if Arab countries are changing to the best or to the worse. The thermometer for that, is plainly the financial position of an Arab Newspaper or an Arab intellectual/journalist based in Paris or London. If the newspaper/ TV/Radio, journalist or poet becomes richer and richer then you would know for sure that autocracy and repression in Arab countries is in bloom, while on the other hand if they become poorer, it is a clear indication that Arab countries are abnormally on the right path towards wider freedoms like other self-respecting nations.