ReflectionsThe Animal in us [Archives:2004/738/Opinion]

May 17 2004

By Yahya Al-Olfi
[email protected]

I was the other day horrified to watch on T.V. an videotape of the savage beheading of an innocent American young man who was subcontracted to repair TV relay antennas in Iraq. Many Arabs are still skeptical about this and most of them think that the Americans might have fabricated it, that it is merely a vile American effort to cover up the scandal of the monstrous crimes committed by American soldiers who most probably did what they did based on Israeli expertise in this field.
The perpetrators of this unholy act, if it is true, describe it as a retaliation for the crimes committed by the American soldiers against the Iraqi prisoners in Abu Ghraib, which in my opinion are unforgivable crimes and it behooves USA to resolve this disgrace which has stained its reputation worldwide through remorseful apologies and tangible penalization of those responsible for the shame and tragic monstrosity.
The republicans are now acting craftily, through their consistent efforts to divulge more about the ignominy lest their rival democrats utilize the thing later. Republicans imply to the American electorate that they have only seen the tip of the iceberg and that there are still even more hidden extra-bestial crimes which are luckily documented in videos and photos.
Likewise, the American journalist Daniel Pearl was beheaded savagely and in the same manner by his extremist Pakistani captors.
Many observers believe that the Americans did what they did based on Israeli advice and expertise for the USA nowadays considers Israel as its sole Middle Eastern mentor. Israel on the other hand, would like the Americans implicated more and more in such swampy ignominies so that both entities can be equal and identical in terms of their criminal attitudes and indecencies towards the Arabs and Muslims in general.
America needs badly to repair its reputation in the entire world due to such uncovered and yet still concealed crimes which are only matched by Serbians, Saddam and other Arab leaders' crimes towards their opponents, particularly when such inhumanity and primitiveness is exercised by a sole world power and the centre of human development in Science and Technology.
Christian Zionism in USA is shameful and loathsome and must be rationalized, likewise are those who claim themselves representatives of Islam and they just represent themselves for if they wanted to show their superiority as Muslims they ought not to kill an innocent man in such a savage manner even if the Americans exercised such horrors, or else how can we show that our religion is peaceful, humane and merciful and that we are spiritually superior.
If it comes to bestiality the Americans have more power within their hands to win the battle of bestiality as they are more advanced and far more well equipped. The method perpetrated is virtually non-Islamic and does not represent rational Islam at all, at least as we all know it.
Another lack of common sense took place in Basra where an aide of Muqtada Alsadr called for the capture of any British women soldiers and that the captor can keep his captive as a rightful slave. The blockhead is still living with a stone age mentality.
This “Sadr” who was not heard of before now, like many of his type, tends to believe that they are themselves the redeemer “Al-Mahdi”. In fact, an increasing number of despairing young Muslims imagine themselves as the legendary Al-Mahdi, the would-be redeemer believed to be existent amongst us by the whole Shiite spectrum. The Islamic resistance in Iraq, if it wants to win people's sympathy, should combat American power superiority with civilized conduct, not ignorant savagery.
The problem with Islam as declared by Prophet Mohammed's disciple Ali Bin Abi Talib is that it is multi-faced and every individual can deduce his own interpretation.
Thus one should not consider the version of Bin Laden and that of Zarqawi as authoritative versions. Americans also need badly to shed off any religious interference with their governance, or else one day the evangelical maniacs might take over.
Just imagine Christian Zionists in control of America, with their silly ideas and beliefs. This reminds me about a declaration by President Khatami of Iran in which he called for closer ties with the USA because according to him Iran and USA share identical beliefs.
That USA was founded by Puritans (i.e. Christian Zionists) who believe in the reappearance of their Messiah following the “Armageddon Battle” legend and on the other hand Shiite Iranians are awaiting for the advent of their Mahdi with a well groomed horse in front of a cave, who after his advent may the almighty quicken his release, is supposed to win the battle against the evil-minded Jews and the straying Christians and then rule the whole world according to the divine will. In short, same nonsense different versions!