Reiterating the motives behind Iraq’s war [Archives:2005/806/Letters to the Editor]

January 10 2005

Robert Lindh
[email protected]

If anyone is in doubt that the United States has invaded Iraq for its oil, they should look at headlines in today's news in the US. “U.S. Threatens Russia Over Ukos” What's this? Well, when the old USSR collapsed, the oil mafia based in the US rushed to claim the Russian people's oil wells. And they got them. Now, after over a decade of bleeding the Russian people and refusing to pay taxes on their fat gains, Putin puts a halt to it and essentially nationalizes Ukos.

And who do you suppose is complaining about it? Fat Capitalists in the USA who initially stole the oil! They don't like the idea of sharing wealth with the people who own the wells, the citizens. So, you can expect after slaughtering a few hundred thousand Iraqis, Mr. Bush will have his Iraqi oil, too.

There is no chance that Iraqi citizens will be able to share in the wealth of Iraq. Mr. Bush will see to that so his friends become richer and richer and richer. There is only one chance for Iraq and that is for the Resistance there to boot out Mr. Bush and his oil mafia. A slim chance they have against helicopter gun ships, tanks and cluster bombs. It would appear that any country in the Middle East with good natural resources had better join up with Iran and Pakistan because the only thing Bush respects are nuclear weapons. Otherwise, kiss your resources goodbye.