Rejoinder to editorial on Iraq:What are your motives? [Archives:2003/642/Letters to the Editor]

June 19 2003

W. Gurney
[email protected]

Regarding your last issue's editorial “They Will Be Tried Before History”, I find this editorial yet another exercise in “US/UK Bashing”, as you continue to make me wonder at your motives. You cite an Iraqi who wants his family to leave the chaos that is Iraq. Is this Iraqi an expatriate, and perhaps a “Baathist” party member? On looking back at US / UK promises to deliver freedom to the Iraqis you say it has not happened, but a number of Islamic Ayatolah's who have been exiled for many years, under the threat of death should they return, are now home in Iraq. Independent Iraqi newspapers are free to publish, and people in the streets are saying all manner of things to the world media. No Freedom? Was any of that possible in February under the previous fascist regime? You have an odd sense of freedom. So, under your criteria, if no WMDs are found the whole thing was illegal, and the deposed dictator and his thugs should – rightfully – still be in power. Of course, the mass graves now being unearthed, would continue to be filled. The missing Kuwaiti citizens, about 500 of them, which you cynically lay at the feet of the US/UK allies are not their responsibility, but the coalition troops will help excavate their remains, and see that they are respectfully returned to their homeland. You seem to be scraping for any negative story, any means- to demean. Is that all you have to offer? You need to consider more clearly, what was – and the potential for what can be.