Religion should be avoided [Archives:2004/719/Letters to the Editor]

March 11 2004

Robert Lindh
[email protected]

As one who has been opposed to the US invasion of Iraq, and who is also opposed to Israeli encroachment via the settlements, and who is opposed to any form of religion of any kind in any place, I can tell you why the Iraqi Constitution should not be based on Islam or any other religion.
It is simply this: Religion is bunk. Religion is superstition. Religion is the means by which human rights are oppressed. Religion is the means by which humans are degraded and enslaved. If you could show me one good thing that religion has achieved in human history, I can show you 10 million examples of brutality, torture and murder resulting from religion.
And don't think that Moslems have a corner on the market of brutality. Christian fanatics are itching to take hold in the USA, and when it comes to brutality, there is nothing like Christianity. I give you Lebanon, Ireland, the Crusades, the Inquisition.
Yes, I know. It is impossible to get rid of religion. We have to live with it just like we live with disease and hunger and stupidity.