Remembering Nadia Muhsen [Archives:2004/714/Letters to the Editor]

February 23 2004

Sonia Shabbir
[email protected]

I have read about the strife of Nadia Muhsen, who is still there in Yemen.
I hope that her family and the Yemeni government would allow the woman to leave Yemen and reunite with her family in Great Britain.
Why is she subject to so much hatred and insult?
Can't the Yemeni government stand for once and see that this kind of cruelty should be stopped?
Why do you as a country and race make others think bad of your kind of culture?
Why deceive young generations? We must protect and respect women because without them men would never have come to be.
Why are other countries known as third world countries because of these reasons?
I thank you and hope with love and understanding something can be solved.