Renouncing the hostage incident in Russia [Archives:2004/777/Letters to the Editor]

September 30 2004

L. Miss
[email protected]

Firstly, I would like to say sorry to all Russians in the World for what happened in their country few days ago. It's very sad and the people who did that have got no hearts, they are animals, and for sure the people who did that are terrorists either with al Qaeda or other bad groups. My question is, what crimes have children committed? What wrong did they do? I mean kindergarten children have committed no crime, so why go and kill them like that? More than 300 children died, and more than 500 were injured. Why go and kill children like that? So will anyone support al al-Qaeda or any other bad groups or killers? Is this the way?
More than 600,000 people died 9/11 in New York and other places and now this, what possible crimes had kindergarten kids committed?
Secondly, when the American Government is doing their best to finish terrorism in the World, people say that Americans are terrorists. But what I know is that the American government is doing its best in the world, because everyday innocent people will be killed in the world, so I support the American government 100%.
Thirdly, the Russian Government should not let the subject go, the Russian Government has to fight against terrorism like what the American Government is doing. I will always support the American Government because they are doing their best, we don't know when Al Qaeda is going to kill us. We are afraid for our future.
It's ok anyone can write me email regarding my letter.