Reportage [Archives:2000/44/Reportage]

October 30 2000

UN Agencies Celebrate 55th Anniversary of  Establishing the UN
UN agencies working in Yemen held Tuesday a celebration in the police officer club on occasion of the 55 anniversary of founding the UN Organization. The celebration was attended by ambassadors, officials, political and social dignitaries and all employees of the UN agencies. 
The celebration was inaugurated by UN secretary general Kufi Annan and addressed by James Rawli, UN coordinator and representative in Yemen. The  objectives defined by world leaders in the declaration of the third Millennium Summit were reviewed. The address iterated promises and pledges by leaders of the world to stop wars, combat poverty, enhance democracy, enforce law and order…etc. These promises are inspiring. However, they wont have any effect unless they are followed by action, the address highlighted adding that even after the summit bloodshed in the Middle East reminded us of the danger of leaving political and social grievances unsettled. He also mentioned that these leaders have to show ability to lead and they are in need of the UN agencies support.
Mr. James also welcomed the participants from the Yemeni government, civil and representatives of the international community, highly commending Yemens achievements in terms of  enforcing the unity, signing the borders treaty, hosting the Human Rights Conference in January 2000 and sheltering refugees from the African Horn. He also reviewed the UN agencies activities pointing out that those agencies were committed to humanitarian and development al support. He added that the UN agencies working in Yemen had started with two important activities in cooperation with the Yemeni government. These two are CCA and UNDAF which have the objective of defining major developing fields for working together to bring about a considerable change in this regard. He also indicated that the UN agencies have also made contacts with the civil society institutions, NGOs in order to pull together  the resources to achieve the same objectives, specially relating to combating poverty, achieving a human development and carrying out objectives of the UN Charter. 
Mr. Mutaher al-Saidi also delivered a speech reviewing the UN role in settling disputes and trying to stop wars. He said New changes in the international arena have made it necessary to make amendments to the UN standing orders. It has become important to improve these orders, most important of which is that of the  Security Council whose permanent and non-permanent memberships have to expand, especially as there are new forces at both regional and international levels.
He also reviewed the instances of violations of human rights taking place in Palestine by Israelis and the role of the UN in this regard. 
Finally a photo exhibition was opened showing media publications illustrating activities of the UN agencies.