Rescue Amina [Archives:2005/881/Letters to the Editor]

September 29 2005

clau bandet
[email protected]

I am communicating with you in the name of Amnesty International. Through this organization I have learned of the imminent execution of Amina Ali Abdulatif which was scheduled to take place on May 2 has been stayed pending a review of her case.

First I want to express our satisfaction with the postponement of the execution, of Amina Ali Abdulatif. We recognize the right and duty of the government to bring to justice those presumed guilty, but we oppose categorically the use of the death penalty as we consider it to be the most extreme form of cruel, inhumane and degrading punishment. On the other hand the Yemeni law prohibits the execution of people declared guilty when they where under the age of 18 at the time the crime was committed.

We are concerned due to the delay of the exams required to determine Amina's age at the time when she reportedly committed the crime. If the specialist decided that Amina was under 18 then she would be released immediately. We urge your Excellency to push forward the issue of Amina being seen by a doctor to decide her age.

We believe that an investigation regarding Amina's case also needs to investigate the presumed rape by a prison guard.

We urge the Yemeni authorities to ensure humane treatment to Amina Ali Abdulatif during her imprisonment. We would also like to remind the Yemeni authorities of their commitment to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, particularly with respect to the third article, which dictates: “Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.”