Responding to C. Henning:You must accept the truth! [Archives:2003/631/Letters to the Editor]

April 14 2003

Frank Smith
[email protected]

I have read with interest the letter by Christina Henning regarding “Boycotting” your newspaper. The fact is Ms. Henning refuses to accept the Truth. Perhaps, she'd prefer to read Uday Hussein's newspaper better. The truth hurts when we find out that: 1) The Iraqi Regime jailed and tortured its own people if they would not join the Ba'ath Party. 2) 150 children, were recently freed by the Coalition forces from jail for refusing to do the same. One of the children was in jailed for five years. 3) Shi'ite Muslims being able to freely worship once again (One of the tenets of the US Constitution: Freedom to Worship) 4) The Iraqi people themselves, free at last, show their true feelings toward Saddam Hussein.
Now, to all those who want to go to fight for Saddam Hussein I say, “Where were you when the Iraqi people as well as Muslims themselves, were suffering under Saddam Hussein? What did they do when “Chemical Ali” gassed innocent Muslim women, children of Kurdish origin to death?”