Responding to comments on terrorism [Archives:2005/825/Letters to the Editor]

March 17 2005

Robert Lindh
[email protected]

I would like to thank you your columnist Al-Haifi for his article “Fighting terrorism with sex?” Of course, such tactics are bound to fail in the long run, and even in the short run, there is nothing to be gained. As you will note, not one shred of useful information has been obtained from such tactics.

The U.S. is less safe that it was four years ago and the U.S. military has lost Iraq. Look at what has happened: Bush has killed about 150,000 people, wounded and crippled probably 200,000, destroyed the infrastructure of Iraq, angered millions, and what has he gained?

An Iranian clergyman, al Sistani, is now running Iraq. Instead of consulting wise leaders in the Middle East and in Europe, Bush decided to embark on a blood revenge war against the Moslems for 9-11, hoping it would make him popular. And he was right. Make no mistake, the majority of American citizens are enjoying the Iraq bloodbath. The majority of Americans are also enjoying the torture and humiliation of Moslem men. That's why Mr. Bush was elected again for 4 more years of slaughter.

As Venezuela's President Chavez has put it – the U.S.A is a terrorist state. But watch Mr. Bush when he attempts to solve his “Iranian nuclear problem” by attacking some other more defenseless country. Let us all hope that Iran secures its nuclear weapons. Then we will see those who oppose Iran like all bullies – a filthy coward.

On another subject, some are still asking 'who killed Rafiq al-Hariri?'

George Bush's spies, that's who. Look at the facts. The body wasn't even cooled and the U.S. ambassador to Syria was recalled. In fact, the U.S. ambassador had her bags packed before the explosion. Look at more facts: The U.S. went to war against Vietnam on false testimony (Tonkin Resolution) and the U.S. went to war against Iraq on false testimony (where are the WMD, Mr. Bush?)

The U.S. just manufactured an excuse to bomb the hell out of Syria, nothing new there. When is the Arab world going to wake up and understand that the United States is the real source of terrorism?