Responding to Don Barrick [Archives:2005/812/Letters to the Editor]

January 31 2005

Robert Lindh
[email protected]

Mr. Don Barrick (Yemen Times letters) seems to think there is little or no evidence for my descriptions of U.S. war policy. Mr. Barrick states “Mr. Lindh has absolutely no particular political or philosophical leanings, other than an attempt to instill fear and hatred.” Well, Mr. Barrick, when it comes to instilling “fear and hatred” I defer to your Mr. Bush, the undisputed master of “shock and awe”, the murderer of 100,000 Iraqi men, women and children, the destroyer of the Iraqi infrastructure; all while hunting for weapons of mass destruction that don't seem to exist.

I would remind Barrick that the United States invasion of Iraq was, in the words of President Bush (who claims to get his orders from God), “a Crusade”. When it comes to instilling fear and hatred Mr. Bush obviously needs no help, but I am non the less inclined to proffer descriptions of such publicly ordained Christian adventures. Mr. Barrick further states “Moslems are not beheaded in Washington; they are not lined up and shot in New York; they are not bombed in Los Angeles”. Such generosity! Too bad it is not extended to Fallujah.

I would remind Mr. Barrick that, whether or not he likes it, those who are working for the defeat and humiliation of the U.S. in Iraq are very likely going to succeed with the result of bloody civil wars, regional destabilisation, and another few hundred thousand deaths. What say you then, Donny? “Mission bloody well accomplished”?