Responding to: Objectives of the U.S. War against Terror (8/10) [Archives:2002/07/Law & Diplomacy]

February 11 2002

I take issue with the eighth part of Ahmad M. Abdulghani’s commentary entitled Objectives of the U.S. War against Terror. In all fairness, I have not read parts 1-7, but I assume that the author’s comments are in line with what he states in part 8. What does Mr. Abdulghani actually think happened on September 11? He basically states that the US retaliated to cover something up. I find such comments to be offensive. First there were the rumors that all Jews working in the World Trade Center were notified before 9/11 and were told not to show up to work that day. The obvious goal of this misinformation was to claim that Israel was behind the attacks. Now allegations that the US government is covering something up? His article seems to allude that the US government is covering up not only lax security, but something else. What that is the reader can only guess. Of course, I am sure that this is Mr. Abdulghani’s goal – leave it up to the reader to infer some sinister and creative Western plot to defame Islam and the Arab world.
I find this to be a disgrace, not only to me as an American who had family in the Trade Center, but to the rest of the Islamic world. Like him or hate him, George W. Bush has made a sincere effort to posture the US as a friend to Islam (and every other religion in the world). Certainly there are Americans who will pound their chest and proclaim that all Arabs in the US should be ’rounded up,’ but that is the extreme minority here. The American people, as a whole, understand that what happened on 9/11 was the act of extreme elements, and not the work of the Arab world as a whole. I do not understand (or support) the few Americans who want all Arabs ’rounded up,’ but at the same time, I do not understand people like Mr. Abdulghani, who treat every move of the American government to be anti-Arab/Islam. There is no basis for either position, as they are both founded upon ignorance.
E. Morlang
[email protected]