Responding to ‘same-sex’ marriage article [Archives:2004/759/Letters to the Editor]

August 29 2004

Ian macdonald
[email protected]

I want to comment on the article written by Christoph Lombardo about the same sex marriage published in Yemen Times recently. I am very surprised to find a man who is proud of being a gay. What a shame!
My dear, you have to be proud of yourself for being a great doctor, teacher, etc or for getting a Nobel Prize or for doing something useful for mankind, but not for being gay nor for supporting same sex marriages. You claimed that you were born gay, what a silly excuse! All human beings are born natural, then some like you became gay. You are in favor of same sex marriage? i.e., you want a man to marry another man, how? Who will be responsible for the family? Who will give a birth to a child, the first man or the second? My dear, what kind of life are they going to have? Frankly speaking, are you going to have sex with another man, and will you let him have sex with you?
Please, you have to answer.