Response to Mark on”You are with us or with the terrorists” [Archives:2003/647/Letters to the Editor]

July 3 2003

Robbie Hardy, Manchester. UK
[email protected]

Dear Mark, It pains me to read your letter to the 'Yemen Times' entitled “” and published in issue 643. I think that some of you Americans in your so called 'Land Of The Free' are in fact so brainwashed by your Media.
You lie back and watch Rupert Murdochs many News Channels and believe everything it throws at you…
I feel sorry for your Soldiers that have died in this unnecessary Invasion; I feel sorry for our young British Soldiers that have been killed by your so called 'blue on blue' or 'friendly fire'. But I also feel immense anger and pain for the tens of thousands of Iraqi Soldiers killed in this occupation,…and even more for the thousands of innocent children slain down and blown apart by cluster bombs and butchered by our Weapons Of Mass Destruction !!
Where are the Iraqi's chemicals needed to make Weapons Of Mass Destruction? (That the West sold them in the first place??)…..No where.., even if they did have them, they would be harmless gunk; hair gel at best !
You and America need to take some 'time out' and think for a minute; don't say anything and just listen….listen to other people in the rest of the world rather than the insular, xenophobic United States, to which you are more like prisoners in your forced Patriotism !
Think of the thousands of young children needlessly killed the thousands more lying in pain and injured…..and then think of Han Blix's plea for just a few more months to prove no case for the invasion…
Think on Mark….and listen. We need to sit down and talk rather the aim and shoot. Otherwise the world will go up in flames of hate. Lets talk….