Response to South Yemen [Archives:2006/912/Letters to the Editor]

January 16 2006

Nabeel Albadany
[email protected]

No body was happy like our people in whole (south and north) Yemen in 22nd,may 1990 the day that the two part of Yemen became One…And there are a lot of Yemenis who are very well educated in the two parts of Yemen. So let's not think about the impossible thought of separating Yemen again. Let's think together how to make Yemen better for me, you, our kids and the generations to come. This is the mentality that all Yemenis should think of, do not think backwards, and think about forwarding your country to the future. But we need to find the right way and the right people to do that (like the president of India Dr. Abdul Kalam and others like him).

So please brother(s) “[email protected]” stop trying to weaken the country more than it is already weak, and let's put our effort, knowledge and strength together, and peacefully try to get our Yemen out of the darkness of corruption..

Well said you give faith to all of us.. thank you and God bless you