Response to “YALI – the best”” [Archives:2005/885/Local News]”

October 13 2005

We used to know your newspaper as a neutral paper that only publishes credible news and arouses no skepticism.

We were really surprised with the article that evaluates a field questionnaire from some institutes that we have never heard of. One expects the article to discuss the questionnaire without pointing to any particular institute. Unfortunately, what was published was a full article on YALI American institute with a photo of the institute in addition to notes about some of those who were said to be the elites. A second surprise is the interview with the manager of the American institute in which he discussed how the institute became the best. This is the point where we blame your newspaper. We object to no article on rival institutes if it is based on factual studies, but our objections are the following:

1. On what basis is study done to conclude that Yali is number one? If it is a questionnaire answered by 14500 students of Sana'a University, we request to be shown that study.

2. The number of students at YALI does not exceed 1500 at the summer climax period, so where did you get the number of 6000 students?

3. How can the evidence of a YALI official be taken for granted as being an academic expert?

4. The article described YALI's teachers as being the best, but have their qualifications been checked? Most of them are Sana'a University graduates and they have not got the qualifications for teaching English as a foreign language like those of CELTA, TOFEL and TESOL.

5. If the questionnaire that was conducted covered more than an institute, why was a photograph of YALI in particular published?

6. MALI, which has more than six years of experience, is the only institute that has the authorization of the British Cambridge University. How can such an institute be compared with institutes that were established only a few months ago?

Your article was clearly biased in favor of the YALI institute and the study was only a preparation for the article. We demand an explanation.

Mazin Shawqi Loqman

Modern American Institute – MALI