Responses to “Nexen Scholarships: The truth?” [Archives:2006/913/Letters to the Editor]

January 19 2006

Majid S.
[email protected]

As a Nexen graduate I am tempted to respond to your letter, “Nexen Scholarships: The truth?”.

Everyone can confidently vouch that the Nexen program has been one of the most fair, impartial, and successful scholarship programs in Yemen's history. It has indeed fulfilled its original mission of “helping Yemen”. No matter where the graduates end up, they will always be a great asset to Yemen. Therefore I see a fallacy in the writer's argument. Dual Yemeni citizens have and always will help Yemen prosper. If anything, the fact that many of the graduates successfully found great jobs within Canada on their own is a testament in itself to Nexen's impeccable selection standards. I am sorry to say I see no valid point in the writer's argument.