Return to the Catholic Church [Archives:2008/1177/Community]

July 31 2008

By: Paul Kokoski
[email protected]

Radical Anglicans who support women bishops and the evil of homosexuality are misinterpreting the bible and being guided by a false sense of freedom, seeking not God, but their own selfish desires of power and lust.

Freedom doesn't rest in one's ability to do as one pleases. “Ye shall be as gods” – this promise quite clearly is behind modernity's radical demand for freedom. Such anarchical freedom doesn't redeem, but instead makes man a miscarried creature and a pointless being.

Those who live like this very soon clash with others who wish to live the same way. The inevitable consequence of this selfish concept of freedom is violence and the mutual destruction of freedom and life. This is the direction in which the worldwide Anglican community now is heading.

Traditionalists should take heart. They are always welcome back to the fullness of truth that resides – with all its pristine beauty and splendor – within the Catholic church. Guided by the unshakable rock of Peter the pope, the Catholic church is the only church today that can be traced directly back to Christ, the Messianic king whose coming was foretold in Jewish scripture.

All other Christian denominations are defective in the sense and to the degree that they arbitrarily have chosen to sever themselves from Catholic beliefs. Therefore, I encourage traditionalists tossed about by the waves of false doctrines to climb aboard Peter's boat because it will be their only safe haven in these troubled times.