Returning to our homeland? No way! [Archives:2003/659/Letters to the Editor]

August 14 2003

Ahmed Al-Aqel
[email protected]

I read your editorial on “Yemenis abroad: Key for development” but I disagree that Yemenis abroad should return in such conditions. Furthermore, I want to ask. Why would any Yemeni ever leave his country from the start if it's good to him? Have you ever been hated or discriminated against? I have! I've been protested and demonstrated against.
I'm breathing when will there ever be a chance to live a better life in this country of mine!
Opportunity is there if you have money. Starting from zero will never work. You should make money or die trying to if you want to return and live in Yemen. Why do my words echo in everybody's ears when they feel down? Wake up, welcome to reality!