Revolution without fire [Archives:2008/1157/Opinion]

May 22 2008

By: Ahmad Othman
These days, we are in need of a revolution without fire and violence, and revolutionaries without guns and hatred. We need the kind of revolutionaries who benefit from the experiences of other nations, which confirmed that violence only generates devastation and brings a fertile ground for oppression.

The only workable alternative is that peoples must continue peaceful struggle to claim their public and private rights that come under abuse. Through tireless peaceful struggle, people can press a totalitarian regime to recognize and protect their basic rights.

The Ja'ashin citizens of Ibb governorate successfully practiced the peaceful struggle and have become teachers instructing others how to exercise peaceful struggle. They continued struggle until their rights were restored. As nobody allowed them to struggle in protest against abused rights in Ibb, groups of Ja'ashin men and women moved to Sana'a, slept in the street without blankets and food and collectively said, “We want all human beings to bear witness to wrongdoing.””

They appealed to the government