Roads are impressive [Archives:2005/829/Letters to the Editor]

March 31 2005

Ali Yousef Al-Sharif
Sana'a, Yemen

An enormous effort is being exerted in beautifying our cities in general and that gives a tremendous sense of pride in our civil environment.

The ongoing road construction can be seen in various regions. The concern of the state on safety driving is running high, and ways to facilitate heavy traffic is not only a project to be tackled, but a priority of the government in a broader sense.

The roads that are being tiled colorfully gives a special character, a true sense of modernization. Also, greenery planted on the street pavements reflects environmental friendliness.

Our local electrical engineers have demonstrated an outstanding skill by designing stylish street lights which are so fascinating and that have further beautified the outlook of the cities.

It is observed that these road constructions are not limited to strategic regions, but towns as well. The importance of extending roads to the populace have direct impact on raising life style of the citizens economically and socially. The government is saluted for that.

The challenges ahead is air pollution issues. The emission of carbon dioxide from exhaust pipes of mechanically defected automobile is badly and sadly beginning to disrupt our healthy environment pattern. Could there be solution to minimize the impact of air pollution in the country as we are already facing a climatic change globally?