Robbers target telecom centers [Archives:2004/771/Local News]

September 9 2004

A new trend has appeared among gangsters who attack telecom centers. They beat or threaten operators, then plunder mobile cards, and pull telephones from booths, security sources in Taiz revealed.
The last incident happened at Al-Azhar Telecom Center belonging to Khaled Mahioob, in Hawdh Al-Ashraf area, where the operator was beaten and the contents of the center were robbed. Two persons have been arrested in connection with the matter.
Gangsters use usually on motorcycles for such operations, so as to flee the scene.
Other types of robbers take plastic sacks and get into booths, after making calls, they unscrew the telephone bolts, put it in the bag and leave the owner to discover later that the telephone has been stolen.