Robeson concludes visit to Yemen [Archives:2003/685/Local News]

November 13 2003

Hassan Al-Zaidi
Brigadier General Mastin M. Robeson, Commander Combined Joint Task Force – Horn of Africa, has concluded a three-day visit to Yemen, in which he held talks with senior security officers in Yemen and with the Yemeni government.
Robenson has been visiting Yemen often in the last two years as more focus on Yemen’s security is now given more attention by the US administration, which has praised Yemen’s cooperation in the war against ‘terror’ on many occasions.
US army and intelligence units have been quite active in Yemen following the assassination of Al-Harethi, by a CIA drone in November 2002.
The Yemeni and US governments had signed security agreements, which facilitate the movement of US military personnel and expert in Yemen and in the region, and which focused on training marine border patrol soldiers and other security related activities.