Role of parents [Archives:2004/772/Letters to the Editor]

September 13 2004

M. Catherine
[email protected]

I lived in Yemen in 1988 for one year. I was formerly married to a Yemeni. During my stay, I do not recall any of the children bringing books home to read, or having any homework. And I don't recall parents participating or encouraging students to study.
I would like to know the percentage of women that participated in the study and the percentage that passed.
My ex-husband had such hope for Yemen in the 80's, he emphasized that Yemen was growing so quickly, but I could see that it would not equal the quality of life available in the United States, at least in my life time. I chose to return to California where I raised my children as a single parent and am proud to say my oldest son, age 19, is a university student and my daughter, age 15, is in high school (secondary). They are both in GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) classes. I always attend the school's functions/meetings and make sure I know the curriculum. I am employed full time and must make sure my house is in order. So I guess what I'm trying to emphasize is that parents need to be involved in their children's education. On the other hand, do Yemeni's still chew qat? I always found this pass time such a waste of time, especially when young children were ignored and easily influenced by their parents' actions.