Rule of Juntas [Archives:2005/904/Letters to the Editor]

December 19 2005

Fuad Abdul Aziz Al-Sakkaf
[email protected]

In various third world countries and as part of the Cold War, successive U.S. administrations have supported the Juntas. It is unfortunate to see that such models of state unruliness still exist in Yemen. At the back door of oil production, Yemen is geographically situated in a boiling and sensitive part of the world.

Rule of Juntas breeds corrupted judicial systems. If the system fails in courts of law, then everything fails. Everything. I wish for a regime change with a judicial system manned by judges, lawyers and personnel from outside Yemeni society. There is no hope for Yemen to rise with a pervasively corrupt judicial society, judges and lawyers. It is time for the house of Yemen to get rid of the cockroaches.