Russian Ambassador to YT:Cooperation between Yemen and Russia is unique and is moving in the right direction [Archives:2004/712/Community]

February 16 2004

Mohammed bin Sallam
In a recent interview with the Yemen Times last Wednesday, Alexander Zasypkin, Russian Ambassador to Yemen, shed light on military cooperation between Yemen and Russia and said that cooperation in this field is unique and is moving in the right direction according to agreements signed between the two countries.
He said that such agreements help in modernizing Yemen's military capabilities according to present requirements.
As for Russian-Yemeni cooperation in trade, Zasypkin said that discussions have taken place between Russia and Yemen. “The two countries signed a protocol that identifies the fields of cooperation that could result in having Russian investments in Yemen soon.”

Russian elections
As for the upcoming Russian Presidential elections held on Saturday, he said they will have a substantial role in framing the future strategy of the Russian Federation in political, social, military, security, and economic aspects.
He added that “the Russian people want political stability and internal security. They want national reconciliation to bring good relations between its different fractions and minorities and hence present a suitable environment for economic growth and prosperity for all Russians.”
The international community will certainly focus on the reelection. Zasypkin said that Vladimir Putin proved to be among the most active international leaders in dealing with issues concerning the international community, he said.
“President Putin was able in the decade to accomplish greatly in enhancing lives of Russians, in solving social problems, in securing strong military and defense capabilities, and in strengthening political relations with the outside world.” he added.
Zasypkin added that “during the last four years, the economic, political, and defense conditions of the country have enhanced substantially. Statistics reveal that the annual income of the Russian citizen has witnessed a 30% increase, while the agricultural production of the country increased by 20%, the labor workforce productivity by 30%, and national investments by an impressive 45%.”
“This clearly demonstrates the substantial growth witnessed during the president's era and the economic development has indeed helped in solving many social problems.” He concluded.

Russia's international influence
As for Russia's international political influence, the Russian ambassador said that the defensive and economic development of Russia will allow the country to have greater international power among other strong nations and will make it capable of having a more influential voice on issues concerning global peace and security. He is hopeful that Russia's power will be strong enough to help imposing a multi-polar world and in resolving international conflicts peacefully without the use of force.
The ambassador concluded the interview by stressing that Russia is evidently and strongly present in the East, West, and in both the Christian and Muslim world. He said that Russia supports Arab development and will continue to support missions that bring greater cultural and political cooperation between nations of different religious and beliefs.
“Russia has a special theory and vision in that to become a partner with others, we need to cooperate with the international community and not act alone. This is needed to bring about solutions to international issues peacefully, and Russia has and will continue to bring about initiatives to secure a more secure and stable world.” he concluded.