Russian National Day marked [Archives:2003/642/Community]

June 19 2003

Mohammed bin Sallam
Russian Ambassador to Yemen Alexander Zasypkin had on Thursday given a reception party in Sana'a marking Federative Russian National Day. The reception party was attended by a large number of Yemeni, Arab, and foreign diplomats. On the Russian National Day, Mr. Alexander Zasypkin, said the Russian people receive this occasion with a feeling of optimism and confidence in future.The 1990s was a decade critical for the Russian Federation as a result of the dismantle of the Soviet Union, he added.
“But today we feel comfortable because, our nation has surmounted that difficult period,” Mr. Zasypkin said.
On his country's bilateral relations with Yemen the Russian Ambassador indicated the identicalness and convergence of the to countries stands regarding urgent world issues and those of the middle East in particular. He added the two countries and peoples have for decades distinguished relations based on mutual trust and multilateral cooperation and concrete friendship. The visit paid president Ali Abdulla Saleh to Moscow last December and his meeting with Russian president Vladmir Putin has deepened those relations.
The Russian Federation will always be a major partner of Yemen in the field of strengthening and upgrading Yemen armed forces. There are some new areas to be opened for the return of Russian companies for work in Yemen and there are realistic horizons for expanding Yemeni-Russian cooperation in oil, electricity, irrigation, and fish wealth fields.
Both sides have taken practical steps for activating exchange trade.