Russian specialists will enjoy certain privileges in Yemen [Archives:2005/848/Local News]

June 6 2005

MOSCOW, May 31 (Itar-Tass) ) The relations between Russia and Yemen “have a vast potential”, Yemeni Ambassador to Russia Abdulwahab Mohammed al-Rawhani believes. “Our political dialogue is developing very dynamically and at top level. It rests on profound mutual understanding and coordination of bilateral cooperation efforts, as well as of activities on the international arena,” the diplomat told Itar-Tass.

“The government of Yemen is paying much attention to the problem of drawing Russian investments and companies into the economy of our country, is exerting every possible effort to promote Russia’s presence in such sectors of our economy as oil and gas extraction and processing, military technology, tourism, urban development, science and education,” he stated. “Russian specialists will enjoy certain privileges in our country,’ the ambassador promised.

He recalled that Yemen would mark two important events on June 2: the 15th anniversary of the end of the bloody civil war and unification of the Yemen Republic, and also the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Sanaa and Moscow. “We shall never forget Russia’s assistance and backing in the most critical periods of our history, for instance, in the effort to unite the Republic in 1990,” al-Rawhani stressed.