Sa’adah incidents supported from outside [Archives:2004/752/Letters to the Editor]

July 5 2004

Ali Laheb
[email protected]

I would like here first of all to thank Yemen Times for the great dialogue which reflects the spirit of democracy in Yemen.
My comments here is regarding the regretful situation which takes a place in Saadah. I would like to explain some of the facts that must be considered in order to understand the situation over there. I believe that this issue has so many factors; internal, regional, and global.
Let me here go beyond the internal factor because people within Yemen are aware of understanding the madness of a guy who wants to go back with Yemen forty years or more.
What I am concerned about here is the regional factor and shortly the global too.
For the last two to three years, President Salah has played a positive role in regional issues such as Palestine, Iraq, Somalia, etc…
He always reflected the deep concern towards these issues which should ring the danger bell for some of regional states within the region. The upcoming impact of this policy will threaten their influence in the region. I am not here to blame anyone for the situation in Yemen, but also not free them from responsibility. It is very important to know that there is always some sort of support from outside for such a riot or clash within Yemen. If not direct, it could be indirect through financial support, or other means.
The other factor is global, because the G8 summit which was held in the USA was in fact a great chance for President Salah to put the regional issues on the table plus the developing world”s concerns such as poverty and debts. His participation conforms to his influence in the region. So raising the issue in Saadah came within weeks after his return to Yemen, show clearly the connection between all of these three factors with Al-Houthi's madness.