Saadah on the plate of fire [Archives:2004/758/Local News]

July 26 2004

By Hassan al-Zaidi
Yemen Times Staff

After thirty days of bloody confrontations between Saadah tribes which support Al-Houthi and the government forces, President Saleh took the decision of treaty and is beginning negotiations with Al-Houthi and his supporters. President Saleh's new mediators started their tasks last Thursday; they were headed by a man more welcome to Al-Houthi's militants who is Shiekh Hames Al-Owjari, and Othman Mujally, a member of the Yemen Deputies council. Shiekh Hames Al-Owjari has entered into controversy with the local authorities and military ones as well in his refusal to hand over the father of Hussain Badruddin Al-Houthi who came to the former seeking safe refuge.
Meanwhile, though the battles over in the Mran mountains between Al-Houthi's supporters and the Army forces have calmed, other battles and confrontations are about to flame out between Abdullah Al-Rezamy and the military campaign which was prepared to besiege the former and compel him to extradite himself. The sources expected that the war curl in Al-Oshash villages in Nushoor area will flame out between Al-Rezamy, the parliament ex-deputy, and the forces tending towards the area.
Other sources have mentioned that Al-Rezamy has handed over the leadership “Believing Youth party's leadership” to a person called Ben Laaser, one of the shiekhs of Hamdan tribes, after his heading to his district.
Ben Laaser leads approximately 800 militants from his tribesmen who are supporting him. Multi-leaderships are lot; even if Hussain Badruddin Al-Houthi fell into the hands of the State, the battles will continue as per some sources make it clear, as the forces left behind seeds for revenge and feuds, as a result of their attitudes over there.
The forces have used lethal weapons and utilized petroleum, as a weapon to destroy the mountains in which Al-Houthi and his followers are believed to be. The forces have burned the mountains, but when the infantry soldiers proceed, they normally face fierce resistance. In fact, Saadah will not be salvaged from gorilla raids in the towns where explosions and fire shootings are heard in the province every night during periods of battle. Al-Houthi's supporters have used other tactics by tending towards gorilla raids and hitting the army rear and setting ambushes which resulted in big losses to the forces; some of which reaching to hundreds, although we do not yet know the limit of the losses directly via Al-Houthi sources estimated it at approximately 260 fatalities until now.